A Trilogy of Reasons to Spend Your Day at the Spa in Squaw

I think most of us know how great we feel after a massage, facial, body treatment, or steam room session.  That’s something obvious I don’t want to bore you with, so I will tell you what most clients might not know about Trilogy Spa in Squaw Valley.  Let me introduce the people who make the experience happen.  Trilogy Spa does a great job at providing unique and yummy services to its clients, but what really made my experience special were the people who work there.  Being a people person, I naturally like to read people and try and figure them out, except during treatment of course, then I relax.  Jaime at the front desk is extremely helpful and pleasant, how any person who provides customer service should.  But not every client knows she had a foreign beach wedding and is getting ready to have a baby this winter.  Don’t let her professional appearance fool you, she is quite fun to talk to.   Ali used to be a talented therapist for four years and now is the new manager.  She’s been working on proposals to update the menu, showing her creativity in little improved details around the spa, and best of all, adding a wine bar with specials!  Patty was my therapist who gave me a delicious experience covered in warm kukui oil and mango coconut lotion, feeling like I was in a virtual Caribbean vacation afterwards.  She was professional, yet made me feel uniquely special and talked just the right amount during the session.  The spa is well kept, feeling very clean and like the housekeeping actually cares about the hygiene of the experience.  Alma is the housekeeper I have the pleasure of now knowing and she is one of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met.  Love actually radiates out of her intense green-blue eyes and huge smile. Summer was slowing down the day I was there so I did not get to meet the rest of the staff, but judging by the ladies there that day I can only assume my expectations would be met during another spa day at Trilogy.  The staff appears happy to be there, enjoying what they do, and it shows in their quality of treatments and tidy appearance of the spa.  I would recommend Trilogy Spa to anybody passing through or staying in the Squaw Valley area.  They provide happy hour specials on Wednesdays and the steam room is always open for drop-in rates.  Whether you are wanting a full spa session of multiple treatments and body love or just want to enjoy the steam room or a glass of wine, Trilogy Spa offers a variety of relaxing options.

Trilogy Spa Day 7 Trilogy Spa Day 8 Trilogy Spa Day 9 Trilogy Spa Day 10 Trilogy Spa Day 11 Trilogy Spa Day 12 Trilogy Spa Day 13 Trilogy Spa Day 14 Trilogy Spa Day 15 Trilogy Spa Day 5 Trilogy Spa Day 6 Trilogy Spa Day 16 Trilogy Spa Day 3


Feeling My Way Through Life


This week I will feel my way through life.

There will be tears of grief, tears of joy. Laughs, hugs, &  toasts to beautiful memories had & those to come. 

We will celebrate new life, expired life, and present life.  New babies, old loved ones & everyday blessings of vitality.

Suffering friendships lurk.

Letting go can be such a task. 

Releasing our negativies that stick to us like barnacles takes time. 

But what is time when it “flies by?” 



Pink Bubbles At A Franti Concert

Michael Franti is an inspirational and unique human being and it gives me hope knowing that there are people like him out there. There is a lot to be learned from him. What helps him to keep from becoming callused by some of life’s difficulties? It is easy for an individual to become hardened or jaded through life’s struggles. How does he stay so open to love and remain so compassionate?

I believe that it is through hard work, dedication and practice that he is able to create the magic that surrounds his concerts.

I should probably back up and tell you from the beginning how this set of events came about because it too was quite serendipitous and magical!

Upon learning that Michael Franti would be playing at Wanderlust the wheels in my head began to spin…not always a good thing. I decided I was going to contact whoever I needed to, to try and get press passes for Liquid Gypsy. I just wanted 60 seconds, 30, just to ask him a couple of questions. This would be fantastic for our website and it was a perfect match. The message that you here in his songs is a lot of what we would like to do through our writing and travels with Liquid Gypsy. After googling, searching and making dead end calls, I was finally connected to the right people. I would explain our company and who we were and they would transfer me. I would again explain, tell who we were and again, be transferred, given wrong numbers, then calling back leaving messages. I was NOT going to give up!! After 2 days of this I was finally given a number to call and leave a message. They were located in Nashville, Tennessee. I decided that if they didn’t call back by 3:30 I would give it one last try. Kendra and I decided to go and play Frisbee golf when suddenly, my phone begins ringing. Holy shit!!! It’s a Nashville number, they are actually calling back!! I spoke with the gentleman in Nashville and they gave me an email to write to Michael Franti’s publicist. Now this is where Kendra comes in. You see, we make such a fantastic team because we compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses. To write the email would take Kendra’s talent with putting words on paper. After sitting on a bench and writing the email it was time…to send. Sending became an issue with our awful Tahoe cell service, so it took multiple attempts over the course of twenty minutes to try and send it. After walking back to the car I told Kendra we needed to put this request in a pink bubble and send it out to the universe to collect fantastic things before it brings it back to us. In true Kendra fashion, she asked, “Why Pink?” “I don’t know, because that’s what the book I read said.” So we sent it out, and we both leaned forward to look out the front windshield to watch it as it floated away. As the magical bubble soared into the clouds, little did we know the email to the publicist finally went through on Kendra’s phone at the exact same time…

The next morning, the day before the concert, we received a reply which said, “Thanks for reaching out. I can’t accommodate the late request but I’ve passed along the website and information to his manager.” I was quite disappointed. Kendra had to remind me how far we had gotten, what we accomplished and that they now knew who Liquid Gypsy was. We would still be at the concert and be able to do a great write up.

After the concert I got hungry and Kendra spotted some lights in the distance…magical lights, and they were pink!! We walked over to the lights and I ordered a vegan burger and we went and sat by a fire pit where we met Tulsi. After talking with her a couple of her friends joined and Kendra and I began telling them all about Liquid Juicy. I had a couple of drinks so that’s what they heard. We showed them the logo and brand and they loved it. He then introduced himself. “I’m Cappy, my dad played tonight, Michael, Franti” You see Cappy, our new found friendship, arrived in a pink bubble.

After we said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers, Kendra and I headed up into Shirley canyon to find the tent we set up earlier, when there was light, not extreme darkness. This is a story for another time!! When we finally arrived back at the tent we decided to sleep under the stars and had some fantastic conversations, going over all the evening’s enchanted events that took place. We were astounded by how the universe had just cared for us, but as we closed our eyes and lay next to each other under the stars, little did we know the universe was still filling our pink bubble with blessings and love.

The next morning Kendra and I decided to go down and find a quiet place alone as to not be bothered while we wrote about the prior evening’s events. As we sat there discussing all that had happened we looked up and who do we see walking towards us? Cappy!! “Liquid Gypsy!!!” He began telling us that he got lost and accidentally ended up in there and I looked at him and said “Nothing is by accident man.”

He sat down and we started telling him about our crazy night trying to find our tent and we laughed about it. We then started talking about Liquid Gypsy and explaining that we are trying to find artisan crafts from Southeast Asia this fall and want to sell these crafts on our website, all while tell the stories of the artisans and difficulties and accomplishments they have experienced in life. We would then eventually love to be able to give something back to each one of these communities. He loved the idea and so we showed him our new logo which he admired and described all the reasons why. After we explained that our next trip was going to be through Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand (damn, been kinda down and “Have a Little Faith” just came on. Nice) he began telling us “Yo, you gotta go to Bali, Ubud, Bali!!!” He was saying that there were artists all over that had amazing things to share!!! Kendra then shrieked with excitement, “It’s like Liquid Gypsy Island!!” He then explained that his dad has a yoga retreat there and we should visit. Bali it is!!

After sitting and talking a while longer he explained he was going on stage that evening to do some poems during MC Yogi’s set and asked if we would like to hear them…of course!! “Do you mind if I record it??” he asked. I give you, Cappy Franti rehearsing some soul felt, mind twisting, heart thought poems.

This is the magic that follows Michael Franti and his positive message and this is the same message that Liquid Gypsy would like to spread.

Peace Cappy!!! It’s been serendipitous. Thank you Universe, for crossing our paths!! Keep the faith, spread the love and always remember, Give Back.

Thanks pink bubble 😉


Paul Sorensen

Our Products

We are getting ready to launch our products to sell on facebook!  Here’s a preview of a few pieces of jewelry we came across in Bacalar, Mexico.  Made by a local man names, Arnulfo, who just opened a store front in the main square.  He is excited to establish a facebook page for his business and get a system set up with us to send us his beautiful work!  We will be posting more so be patient please! If you want to see more pictures of our products to be sold please visit our facebook and intagram page. Thanks!

Bacalar jewelry 1 Bacalar jewelry 2 Bacalar jewelry 3 Bacalar jewelry

We are re-branded!

We have re-branded ourselves!  Played with color schemes, formats, files, and many opinion from friends and family.  We are proud to present our new logo and business cards and are so excited to start promoting ourselves for REALS! Currently, we are in the process of getting the new logo up on our products and waiting for the cards to come in the mail to hand out.  Soon, we will be selling our goodies on facebook until we get a merchant account set up on the website.  Paul and I are not the “techiest” of people so we will patiently wait for our logo designer to work her magic.  Thank you for the support and constructive comments.  We couldn’t do it without you!

New logo!LiquidGypsy-logo3-stackedLiquidGypsy-logo3-horizontalLG Business Card

Travel Partner Challenges

Traveling with someone is NOT always an easy thing to do.  It’s not all cenotes and snorkeling or cocktails and cumbia dancing.  There are moments when one or both of you may get into a funk for a good reason or no reason at all.  Maybe you just need some time alone.  The difficult part is seeing that while you are in the moment.

Part of traveling with someone is learning to see the signs and just welcomes that maybe this would be a good time to step away for a cup of coffee or get some exercise.  When it’s hot, humid, and your body is filled with poisons form bug bites it would be easy to become aggravated.  It’s nice to know you can be that way and your partner accepts that you’re just having a bad day.

It’s challenging sometimes learning to adjust to each other’s moods, but at the end of the day it’s nice to know that your friend accepts you exactly as you are and that communication is always the best answer…when you’re both ready :)

Older but Wiser?

   Rio Lagartos 3

Rio Lagartos 4Turning thirty in Mexico was not an everyday experience.  I did have the opportunity to get “dirty” on my “thirty” by having random children paint my body with silty, smelly mud-sand from the shores of Rio Lagartos.  From this strange bonding experience, we began to philosophize on life with these young sisters and implant foreign ideas and dreams into their minds.  Hopefully not to be eventual empty dreams or lost ideas.  We were intending for those dreams and ideas to stick in their heads and shift their perspective on the big world. After my natural mud bath we played with them trying to catch crabs and miniature alligators in a river.  Rio Lagartos was a beautiful little fishing town with yummy seafood dinners and just enough fun and Rio Lagartosrelaxation to offer me for my birthday.  Before arriving in Rio Lagartos, we were in Tizimin, where Paul’s phone escaped him in a taxi and started to make it up to Veracruz, Mexico.  All the panaderias (bakeries) were closed during siesta so we got a bottle of tequila instead and waited for the bus.  Arriving in Rio Lagartos, we should have known better that there would be no ATMs and no hotel taking credit cards.  So we arrived with one less phone, hardly any money, no plan, a nice buzz, and a town of booked hotels.  Luckily, we found a hotel, Punta Ponto, where the owner was gracious enough to Rio Lagartos 8give us his last room on the honor system that we would wire him some money later. I think to myself, “Is today a metaphor for the next decade of my life?” “Am I going to go into my thirties unprepared, still trying to party like I’m in my twenties, losing stuff, and relaying on honest people to help me get through it all?”  Well, in my first month and a half of being thirty I’ve realized that I feel unprepared for this “adultness” I’m entering because I’ve never taken a business class, owned or bought a Rio Lagartos 7home, made monetary investments, been married, had children, or had a 9-5 job.  This world seems a bit overwhelming for me and I feel unready to be an adult.  Although I feel unprepared because of all these pre-imposed societal requirements, I now realize I have quite a large toolbox of ways to survive this grown-up land until I can figure out how to create my own world to live in.  I have had over ten jobs of various skills, speak two languages and pick up others quickly, am a good student, have a bachelor degree, have lived all over the country and the world, and understand people and the world in ways I think many people don’t.  Rio Lagartos 6Because I have tried to live under the blanket of society to a certain extent, it has taught me more round-about ways to survive in the modern world I live in.  Money has never been a huge priority for me other than needing to eat and save up for my next trip.  Now I understand why we unfortunately rely on these pieces of paper and metal coins to do almost anything in life….almost ;).  This is why Paul and I created Liquid Gypsy.  We both understand society and “underneath society” in different ways and both choose to live how we want to, not how we feel like we are forced to.  Rio Lagartos 9Hopefully Liquid Gypsy will provide an outlet for our souls’ creativity and passions as well as complying with the financial and societal business obligations required by the business world.  In my twenties, I lived mostly in a dream and the closer I got to my thirties I felt like my air was being cut off. I see people older than me who seem so put together in their careers, families, and homes, I feel like I skipped something really obvious.  Like what buying a house actually means, if children are beautiful little versions of myself or tie me down and increase our world’s population problem, or what a lifetime commitment to another person involves. Rio Lagartos 2 And on the money side of things: where does our invisible money go when you “invest” it in companies you really don’t know about, or get a loan from a bank?  Perhaps there’s a manual somewhere I haven’t found yet, but I really feel some days I didn’t get the memo and everyone else seems to have memorized it.  Luckily I have found others as lost and confused as me and basically I think we just have to do the best we can with the knowledge we’ve acquired thus far in life and have faith it will all work out in the end.  So as a newly initiated thirty year old, I do feel older in the sense of subtle wrinkles forming, grey hairs, and an achy body from sleeping wrong, but I also feel like I’ve gained a lot of awareness of the adult world during my twenties by observing it and not so much entering it. With this awareness I’m going to pick and choose what works for me and my plans and what doesn’t.  So whether I’m without a plan, have no money, and have to rely on honest people to help me along the way, I at least know I’m in fact, not unprepared.  Everything happens for a reason and leads us to the next step in life.  If I we weren’t so unprepared for my birthday weekend we would not have learned about the honest good people of Rio Lagartos and helped (hopefully) change those young girls’ lives.  Wiser?  I sure hope so!Rio Lagartos 5

How we Met Sonia

Sonia-Flores Sonia-Flores 4 Sonia-Flores 3 Sonia-Flores 2 Sonia-Flores 1

This is Sonia.  She is a woman still in the first half of her life who hand weaves colorful belts, blankets, table center pieces and more, right there in her shop in Flores, Guatemala.  Paul and I met Sofia on May 5th when we were out on our personal cinco de mayo celebration.  Yes, just us. Because no one in Guatemala celebrates a secondary Mexican holiday, haha.  We were wandering the windy cobblestone streets of Flores when we passed a shop with lights on, doors open, with a woman sitting on the floor with colorful thread pouring over her lap.  Too curious to ignore, we poked our heads in to see what she was doing.  She was in the process of hand weaving a long table runner.  The bottom section of the loom was secured in her lap and the top ties to a higher position.  Each hand had a meticulous job of weaving ten to fifteen different colors of thread perpendicular to at least fifty length-wise strings which created the long borders of the runner. It reminded me of a complicated braiding or macramé project but with fifty strings to navigate up, down, and around.  She smiled at our interest in her work and told us how she has to go into the city to buy large amounts of supplies and then makes them here out of her shop, which is also her home in the back.  To make one table runner, takes her seven hours a day for eight days.  That’s fifty-six hours of labor for one table runner!  We began to learn the value and uniqueness of handmade products as we watched her work.  She was very excited to design customized belts and blankets for us, so we put in an order for her to finish in four to six months!  We had to exchange facebook information with her younger daughter, Estefania, in order to contact them for pictures on the progress and eventually set up a payment system since she has no way of communicating with the outside world.  Paul plans on returning in person to pick up the order so that she knows she can trust us to follow through with our end of the deal.  Building relations in developing countries with cultures who don’t value modernization like us Westerners can be an inconvenient experience when it comes to doing business, but also very special in preserving the authenticity of the exchange.  We are more than happy to do things the “hard” way trying to get products out of a small Mayan village and bring them to our buyers.  We hope that our large order from Sonia will help her feed her family for months as well as bring smiles to your faces when you enjoy a unique, handmade belt or blanket from our Mayan artisan friend.

Post-Trip: Getting the Ball Rolling

Oh my gosh.  We have been home a month and just finally decided on our logo to brand, need to spruce up our website, make business plans, sign up for various accounts, and not to mention write some freaking blogs and get our products online.  I apologize to our audience and potential future clients for what may seem as us “slacking off,” but in reality Paul and I have actually been working a lot, just not as much in the LG department as we intended. I came home to a box (literally a box) full of mail, spam, bills, post-dated parking tickets, and lapsing insurance forms to sort through.  The dentist and doctor have not been visited in far too long and work is pretty dismal in late May/early June around Tahoe so money was not flowing in to pay off acquired debts from our LG kick-off trip.  Not to mention, everything is so expensive in this country!  Holy moly.  A large coffee is like half the price of a night’s stay in Guatemala. Hard to stretch the dollar in this country.  Good thing Tahoe offers free camping in the woods and a free showers in the Lake, lol.  We have been beyond overwhelmed with finding places to live, moving, unpacking, praying for work, and dealing with responsibilities left unattended for six weeks.  Paul and I could not focus on Liquid Gypsy to our heart’s desire, which is the only way we wish to approach Liquid Gypsy; with all our heart!  However, things have now calmed down a bit and work is slowly picking up so we are committing our free time to making Liquid Gypsy magical.  Here we come world!  Please stay tuned for updated pictures and descriptions of our products and their talented artisans.  Liquid Gypsy is in the middle of branding a special look and feel to provide all of you with, so be patient as we do our best to put together some catchy LG swag you can wear or share with others.  You reading and supporting our adventures is how we survive and strive to bring the world to you, and you to the world.  You help our collaborative efforts and we thank you!